Alex: God had a plan

2 Co 5:17 Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is] a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.

I grew up in a good home with good parents and siblings to fight and bicker with. My parents introduced me to Christ at an early age. Despite all this I still managed to screw it all up. With my senior year coming up my first real girlfriend moving back to Germany, I thought my world was ending. Throughout high school I was using drugs recreationally, but as I got older I started seeking them out and embracing that lifestyle in general. This was all happening in my life as a way of compensating for how I felt inside...and it wasn't until after being arrested that I really started to see what my life had become.

It wasn't until after being arrested that I really started to see what my life had become.

My parents were leaving for a week on vacation and me and some friends were planning on basically going on a bender for that week. I honestly am not sure if I would have lived through it, but God interrupted my plans and I got arrested the day before my parents were supposed to leave.

God had a plan, though; before I got arrested I had signed up to volunteer at a church camp with some friends of mine.  I obviously did not want to go but I had already signed up. That week, the Lord changed my life drastically.  When I got there I found that a friend of mine from high school, Montana Rex, happened to be working at the camp as a grounds keeper. During my time there I was exposed to other Christians my age and began to experience the love of Christ like never before. By the end of that week I had accepted Christ and repented from the life I knew. Shortly afterwards I started getting picked up by Montana to get to church. Before I knew it I was being discipled by Montana and my friend Jon Kindler.

Even after I got saved and began living for the Lord, I still had to deal with the consequences of what I had done. The Lord’s plan had me in a drug rehab program for two years, using it to build my devotion and grow me. I know the Lord’s not done with me yet, but when I look back from where he brought me it's overwhelming.

Alex Allen is a leader in C&YA and is currently enrolled in Living Faith Bible Institute and is also involved in Temple Worship, C&YA’s worship team. Alex and his wife Amanda both lead Bible Studies in Grandview that meet every other week.