Laying the Foundation

Discipleship 1 Tile

Prerequisite:  Faithful Standing
We believe in a biblical philosophy of discipleship. We believe that Jesus Christ has modeled a systematic approach to equipping the saints both in the knowledge and understanding of the Word of God. That is, Discipleship 1 is more than a transaction of Biblical knowledge; it is an investment and transfer of one life into another. During this process the believer is introduced to the 4 goals of Discipleship through one-on-one study of the core doctrines of our faith.


4 Goals
of Discipleship

  1. Established in Worship
  2. Established in the Word of God
  3. Established in the local church
  4. Established in the work of the ministry

18 Lessons
Core Doctrines

  1. The Father: God's Gift of Life to Me
  2. The Son: God's Sacrifice for Me
  3. The Spirit: God's Presence in Me
  4. Truth: God Talking with Me through the Bible 
  5. Prayer: Me Talking with God
  6. Guidance: Discovering How God Directs Me
  7. Worship: Living My Life to Glorify God
  8. Witness: Proclaiming my Faith through Baptism and Communion 
  9. Community: Being a Part of My Local Church Family
  10. Responsibility: A Biblical Perspective on My Approach to Life
  11. Giving: Turning My Life Inside Out 
  12. Spiritual Gifts: Discovering Who God Made Me to Be
  13. Sin: Winning the Battle within Me
  14. Problems: My Divine Path to Maturity
  15. People: Resolving Conflict around Me
  16. Evangelism: Sharing My Faith 
  17. Making Disciples: Reproducing Myself 
  18. Finishing Strong: Presenting Myself to God

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