The following is a step by step guide to uploading sermons to the C&YA website. Please be meticulous about following these steps to ensure consistency for our site visitors.

Step 1: Sign-in to the C&YA website as an admin

1. Go to and press 'esc' on any page

2a. Login using our super secret, ultra sensitive login credentials
2b. If you don't have them, connect with Myles

Step 2: Navigate to the 'Teachings' admin page

1. Click on 'PAGES' on the left admin column

2. Click on 'Teachings'


Step 3: Launch a new sermon post

1. Click on the '+' symbol


Step 4: Add the sermon content to the post

The image below is a template that is to be followed to ensure consistency on each sermon post.

4a. Add the an 'Audio' content block

There are a couple ways to launch the content block list to choose from, but the easiest way is to put the cursor at the top left point of where the post content goes and you will see a gray bubble pop up... just click on it and you will see the content block list show below: 


4b. Drag and drop the file onto the 'Upload File' section
4c. Add the sermon title
4d. Add the teacher's name under 'Author / Artist'


4e. Ignore the 'Podcasting' tab of the Audio content block


4f. Set the 'Design' settings to the following:

  • 'Show Download Link' checked
  • Player Style: Minimal
  • Player Color: Dark

4g. Link the powerpoint to the 'Download slides' text.


5. Set the 'Options' of the teachings post

5a. the 'Post URL' will be auto generated from the title on the 'Content' section.

5b. Add the sermon series thumbnail (square aspect ratio). If there isn't one (like a guest speaker), add a photo of them

Download Romans Square Thumbnail

5c. Set the author as the teacher. If the teacher is not in the dropdown options, set it to the CAYA option

5d. Put the sermon summary in the 'Excerpt' section. Make sure you put the Bible passage at the top of the 'Excerpt'

6. Set the location


7. Set the tags and categories

7a. tags: set the tags as the primary topic(s) that is covered. There should most likely not be more than one or two

7b. Set the category only if it's part of a sermon series


8. Publish

8a. 'Schedule' the post for the day the sermon was given and the time it started. Typically that will be at 11:30 am.